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 Kilkenny County council and Killkeny city  thanks to “Creative Kilkenny” continues tradition by innovating their city through art.

In celebration of the success of Cartoon Saloon the Kilkenny-based animation studio, new vibrant streetscapes for citizens and visitors were rendered with the commission of two large-scale artworks at the hand of Kathrina Rupit (KinMx) and animated by Joey Baker.

‘Urban Animation’ is an urban realm project consisting in two walls:


Site 1:

Handball Alley @ Michael Street, Kilkenny,

Is overlooking the river Nore in the city centre and opposite to a newly opened Riverside Park, its art is based on the now classical movie “Song of the Sea” whose colors use eco-conscious paint to let the wall breath while being sustainable. The animation by Joey Baker breaks the walls down to bring us forward into a new reality of patterns moving, wild owls flying, Selkies swimming freely across this first wall.

Site 2:

Abbey Street in the City centre, Kilkenny, Ireland.

Is nspired by the handcrafted movie “WolfWalkers” in this wall the passerby can see Kathrina Rupit attention to details with the use of different patterns and mediums.


Making of Artwork

Making of Animation

Azimuth Domes
Video mapping 

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