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Acrylic & Aerosol on Canvas

90 x 122cm



We put immense pressure on ourselves in our day to day lives.... to achieve and live up to our expectations of ourselves and the ones we have of others.

Emotional and economically we strive and push for our dreams to be the best that we can be.... putting our physical and mental health Last.

Remember that you are doing fine, you've done so well and everything you need will come. Your mental state is the most important, no one has control over this.

Take a long deep Breath...
Trust in the universe...
Everything else will follow...

You already are
You always were
You still have time to be...

आप पहले से ही हो,
तुम हमेशा थे,
आपके पास अभी भी समय है…

I love you all 💕💓💕

'Breathe' Original Canvas

  • Original Canvas  

    Every original canvas has been hand painted with immense gratitude and love by Joey Baker.   

    The paintings range from weeks to months of work depending on their detail, every single piece has travelled the world extensively sometimes to multiple continents before being finished. From Jungles to deserts, Volcanoes to Tropical Islands, from Palaces to Temples to street corners and everywhere in between. They are my personal account of the world I experience.   

    Each canvas is painted with high quality acrylic paint onto Berlin based Gesso Canvas. The paintings once finished have then been double varnished in Golden © Semi-Gloss Varnish for the best results for both vibrancy and protection, they have then been individually bespoke framed.   

    Every Original Canvas also comes with:  


    • Signed COA (Certificate of Authenticity)   

    • Original A4 Drawing   

    • Hand Embellished Canvas Print (of your choice & size)  


    Thank you for being a Patron for my art practice.   


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