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'Terra' Orignal Drawing' 

Pen & Ink

210 x 297 mm


"When Svalbard Global Seed Vault had been apprehended by the Elites and all the worlds seeds have been transported to mars... the WGC World Government Colony Police resorted to trafficking sacred plants from inter-dimensional realities to bring back and terraform a baron starving earth."

'Terra' Original Drawing

  • Original Drawing 

    These drawings are smaller pieces of art created on the move, through long train journeys and flights. They are pocket portals created to also act as a form of affordable art. Every exhibition has a collection of drawings specifically made to give extra depth and narrative to the whole body of works.  

    All original drawings have been created using a combination of different pens, markers & Inks, drawn with love by Joey Baker. Each drawing was made on Canvas Board and comes with a simple modest Black Frame. Depending on size, larger than A4 drawings will be Bespoke Framed.  

    Every Original Drawing also comes with: 


    • Signed COA (Certificate of Authenticity) 

    • Sticker Bundle  

    • A2 Satin Inkjet Print 

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