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'The Empath' Prints

Available in different sizes and materials: 



  • Signed Satin Inkjet Paper Print  

  • Hand Embellished Archival Ink Canvas Print 


My first personal painting of 2019! Its been an incredible journey from Mexico to Guatemala over the last couple months, I'm so thankful for always feeling inspired and want to say a massive thankyou to my global family for keeping me full of life and love, as it is the sacred mirror reflection from others that helps keep this fire alive inside us all 🔥⚡

This painting demonstrates the beauty of this fire, in every single one of us is an inner child, a person full of energy and non judgemental love and curiosity, a pure being of light and raw empathy.

Life is difficult... along the pathway there are many puzzles and problems, many hardships that we as humans have the privilege of solving.... falling in and out of love, dealing with traumas, working struggling to put food on the table. These many experiences harden our shell and create a ego of protection around a once empathic angel.

It is so important to let our love out and not always expect it to come back in such a way, to love unconditionally, to breathe through the hard times and adjust.... we are the most adaptive beings on the planet.

I believe this I most easily achieved by keeping that child inside us all alive, to not bury problems beneath layers of shadows that cast us into bad behaviour patterns but fully embrace the awe of every day life, keeping the wonder in your eyes by forgiving and letting go.

The child inside will always guide you on your voyage of constant discovery, thank you everyone for keeping my heart walm and my mind young, I love you all 💛❤️

Special thanks to Greg Clough & Anna Merel for offering space at @eaglesnestatitlan for me to make this portal....

'The Empath' Prints

£120.00 Regular Price
£96.00Sale Price
  • Satin Inkjet Print 

    Satin inkjet prints are the premium quality of standard printing, this is the most economical option available. Printed on 270gsm Satin paper by the highest quality HP Inkjet printer, using genuine 8-colour HP Inks.  

    Hand Embelished Canvas Prints 

    Canvas prints are made with archive pigment ink that are sold with 70 year no fade guarantee, they are printed on a protected canvas which is treated with anti fungal and anti bacterial non toxic treatment. 

    They are hand embellished differently depending on certain print designs, either with metallic pigments to add extra dimension to your piece, or relevant colours to give more texture and depth.  

    All prints will be stamped, signed and numbered 

  • Please allow for: 

    • 1-2 weeks for postal delivery to UK.  

    • 1-3 weeks for international postage.  

    This is depending on type of print ordered. Satin Inkjet Prints have a quick postage time of a few days however Hand Embelished Canvases will naturally take longer to arrive. 

    All shipments will be shipped first class signed for and fully tracked, bigger orders over 75cm in length will need a phone number and email address to receive the fastest and safest shipping necessary. 

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